A little Bandeau

I have been making 1920’s reproduction dresses for the best part of 5 years now, but this is my first foray into headwear, starting simple; the bandeau or headband is a cliche of 1920s fashion. A modern ‘flapper costume’ would not be complete without a sequinned, feathered headband. But original pieces actually came in a diverse range of shapes; some sit more like crowns or tiaras.

Here are some which caught my eye and demonstrate a diverse range of shapes:

With my background in corsetry and tailoring rather than millinery my approach is probably slightly unusual in the construction, but the results are still rather fabulous!

Like a corset I began with a stiff core of canvas with boning chanels applied where there was height in the crown shape, this is perhaps over engineered, but no way will it crumple! The top edge was hemmed and I inserted wire into it which can be curved and formed into shape.

Showing internal support – two layers of canvas and boning chanels

I then wrapped the fashion fabric around the internal structure, in this case a layer of silk dupion followed by a layer of silk chiffon. On top of this was tacked a beautiful embroidered motif.

The embroidered motif pinned in place

The inside was then lined and elastic attached to the back, it was a simple little project but incredibly rewarding.


And it looks even better worn!


This little creation was then sent off to its new home in New York (very exciting!)

Keep an eye on my Etsy Shop as there are several more bandeau currently under construction!


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