Custom orders: what’s involved?

I specialize in made to measure Art Deco reproduction fashion, keeping old designs and techniques alive. Even just having something custom made can be a vintage experience, as these days most of us are more likely to buy ready-to-wear. But if you have an original garment too delicate to wear which you want copied, or … Continue reading Custom orders: what’s involved?


A little Bandeau

I have been making 1920's reproduction dresses for the best part of 5 years now, but this is my first foray into headwear, starting simple; the bandeau or headband is a cliche of 1920s fashion. A modern 'flapper costume' would not be complete without a sequinned, feathered headband. But original pieces actually came in a … Continue reading A little Bandeau

Twinkletoes in Britain Part 7: A Week in Wales

There was no obvious sign marking the divide between England and Wales on the A55 from Chester, but the countryside grew greener, the flat fields grew curves and castles appeared on the hillsides; we were clearly in Wales. Wales has a quantity of imposing castles, but these are not a testament to Welsh power; instead … Continue reading Twinkletoes in Britain Part 7: A Week in Wales