The Prototype Men’s Waistcoat of 1937

Taking a break from the travel posts, here is the first garment finished in 2017; a men’s double-breasted waistcoat circa 1937. This has been made on a sewing machine of no fixed abode, from Auckland to Algies Bay to Napier - the trusty domestic sewing machine has come into its own while we holiday and … Continue reading The Prototype Men’s Waistcoat of 1937


Clothes make the (Wo)man

Clothing has the ability to alter our perception; of others and of ourselves. The outfit worn can change posture, confidence and mood. Wearing something light, flouncy and feminine will likely change a person’s behaviour when compared to that same person dressed in sturdy boots and tweed. It is generally men's clothing which is seen as … Continue reading Clothes make the (Wo)man