1930s Daywear (2017)


1925 dress (2016)

1920’s Oriental Kimono and silk dress

Late 1920’s silk dress (2016)

1930’s Beach Pyjamas (2014)

1920’s Winter Wool Dress – including original fashion plate inspiration!  (2015)

1920’s Evening dress (2014)

1930’s Ladies Suit (2015)

Silk Ball Dress (2013)

Carmen Rupe Costume, commission for The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra (2013)

Men’s shirts (2015)

Swing Dancing Dresses (2015)

Tutu (2014)

Evening dress (2015)

1930’s Waistcoat (2017)

1920’s and ’30s Fashions from the Art Deco Capital!

A little bit about Tammy…

Award winning Art Deco Fashion designer and seamstress

The first taste of the Napier Art Deco Festival in 2013 sparked a passion for
Art Deco fashions of the ’20s and ’30s. With a background in costume design and tailoring, each garment is meticulously created from a wide range of fabrics to best suit the style and flare of the era.

Now based in Napier “The Art Deco Capital” in the sunny Hawkes Bay of New Zealand,
these exclusively made-to-measure garments are shipped to customers as far off as
America, Europe and Australia. Some designs are copied directly from fashion plates of the period; others are designed to suit a stunning piece of cloth, or to fit an odd scrap of silk!

The following pages showcase the favourite pieces of the last five years, from suits to
silk dresses, beach pyjamas to bandeaus. Something perhaps for the modern fashionista
as well as the vintage-loving bright young thing!

For further information, or to talk about your next made to measure outfit, please contact me below:





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