1925 dress (2016)

Late 1920’s silk dress (2016)

1930’s Beach Pyjamas (2014)

1920’s Winter Wool Dress – including original fashion plate inspiration!  (2015)

1920’s Evening dress (2014)

1930’s Ladies Suit (2015)

Silk Ball Dress (2013)

Carmen Rupe Costume, commission for The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra (2013)

Men’s shirts (2015)

Swing Dancing Dresses (2015)

Tutu (2014)

Evening dress (2015)

1930’s Waistcoat (2017)

About Me

I am a dressmaker, tailor and designer with a particular interest in Art Deco fashions of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Based in Napier, New Zealand (The Art Deco Capital) I accept commissions for historical reproductions, men’s wear and ladies fashion.

For further information, or to talk about your next made to measure outfit, please contact me below:





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